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The B2B SaaS marketplace is crowded with 100s of alternatives for ERP, HRM, and Accounting Software. We help Visma companies stand out from the crowd with AI features that provide differentiated value and competitive advantage.

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Enables Accounting software to spot mistakes on invoices


Enables Workforce Management software to spot mistakes in time registrations

Route Planner

Enables Workforce Management software to optimize employee route planning

Our technology

Optimization and machine learning form the basis of our products. These technologies transform complex workflows into streamlined processes and free up time for the users. Through optimization, processes are fine-tuned to operate at their most efficient level, eliminating unnecessary steps and minimising resource wastage. This ensures that tasks are executed effectively.

Machine learning enables the system to adapt and evolve based on data patterns and user interactions. By analysing large amounts of information, algorithms learn to predict outcomes, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions autonomously. This adaptive capability allows the technology to continuously improve and stay ahead of evolving needs and challenges.

Daily optimization jobs
> 2,500
Daily machine learning models
> 12,000

Why partner with Resolve?

Boost your SaaS offerings with Resolve's AI solutions, trusted by successful SaaS businesses to fuel growth and innovation

Maximize efficiency, minimize costs
Building AI from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. With Resolve, you get to market faster and save money, letting you focus on what you do best.
Top-notch performance and security
Resolve's AI APIs deliver world-class performance and security, consistently refined and tested over five years to surpass the highest security standards.
Personalized support in every step
Partnering with Resolve offers complete support and training—from API integration to marketing, sales, and support—ensuring seamless partnership.

Highly skilled, service oriented and pragmatic.

Vidar Arntzen
Product Manager at Visma Enterprise

Partnering with Resolve definitely will give us an advantage in the local market.

Rita Golde
Product Manager at Horizon

From integration to pilot in just weeks

With Resolve, integrating AI into your products is simple and straightforward. Assisted by a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can move from initial API request to piloting in just a few weeks.


Request access with ease

Accessing Resolve's API is quick and easy through the Visma Developer portal. A few clicks, and you're ready to make your first API request in minutes


Craft a user-centric interface

Integrate your product with our AI API and build a user-friendly interface. Resolve provides expert advice on enhancing your user experience and interface design


Engage your customers early

Start piloting your product with reference customers to gather valuable feedback early. This approach ensures your product meets user needs and expectations from the start

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